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“Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel” is the commission of our Lord in Mark 16:15.

.Paul asked the rhetorical question in Romans 10:14 “and how can they hear without a preacher?” In Acts the apostles gave themselves to the ministry of the word and prayer.

Alongside prayer, the proclamation of the word about Jesus and His Kingdom is a pre-requisite for revival, and the fire of God is often associated in Scripture with the ministry of the word.


GRM began as a media platform targeting various regions. Initially the main activity on GRM was filling hour long slots on Facebook pages, targeting Latin America, Africa, Indonesia, India and the rest of the world. Latin American messages were in Spanish, Indonesian messages in Bahasa Indonesian, and African messages in English or Swahili. Our first global conference was a zoom webinar with translation into 4 languages, and translation has been a major consideration ever since, even where messages are preached in the Upper Room.

Translation became one of the distinctives of GRM, giving all its activities a very international feel. Recently, the need for this is somewhat diminished, as more and more of GRM’s activities begin to have a regional expression.


For the most part, proclamation is via media in which there is no way of knowing who is listening, or what their reaction is to what is being said. Feedback is limited to a few comments which may or may not be honest reflections of the reactions of a very small part of the listenership. The priniciple is to “sow the seed” and trust God the it is having a desired effect.

Social media can also be used to send messages to specific individuals, in a clear attempt to solicit a response from them. Messages can be directly addressed to friends, and in this way a message about Jesus Christ can be included in a lighthearted message, and an offer to engage in a conversation about Jesus Christ can be made.

This possibility is being pursued in a modified version of the Fire Station.