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Jesus left his disciples with a commission to fulfill, but before they embarked on that commission they were instructed to “Tarry in Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high”. Jesus said that the way the commission was going to be fulfilled was through prayer, and being filled with the Holy Spirit as a result. He had said to them to go and fulfill the great commission, but his intention was always that he would be with them, through his Name and his representative in Chief, the Holy Spirit.


GRM vision and direction is moved forward each year in the 21 day fasts.  What goes on the website and what is communicated in the zoom team building forums should be what was endorsed as major prophetic direction up to the latest 21 day fast. Other forums such as conferences will also be points at which we will receive prophetic direction, but we should be clear as to the scope of that direction.  Possessing the Nations was a global conference and therefore global direction came out of it such as GRM women. However, the Africa conference was regional  and therefore nothing that came out of that was direction for GRM global. What it did was point the way for GRM to expand into the regions – hence GRM Europe and GRM Africa emerging.

Prayer days focused on individual countries, and various shorter fasts that have been called, have provided further opportunities to sense the leading of the Spirit, and in this way, more and more definition has been added to the GRM Vision.


It was after the first 21 day fast that the term Upper Room was coined as the name for Zoom prayer meetings, which were soon increased to 3 a week, each 2 hours long on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. These meetings provided further opportunities to sense what the Spirit was saying, and in this way the GRM program of missions has unfolded, always led by the Spirit.

As time has gone on, new Regional Upper Rooms have started to open up which follow the same patterns as the Global Upper Room, but meet only once a week. In addition, smaller prayer fellowship groups of 5 or less began to meet once a week, initially between participants in the Upper Room, where global concerns were prayed for, in addition to generally praying for unsaved contacts, and for the fire of God to burn brightly through our lives, and in our cities and villages.